Every spaceflight is an opportunity to learn what does not work well and to improve the vehicle for the next flight. Did Yuri Gagarin's first human spaceflight yield any changes to the capsules or equipment used in later Vostok missions?

This is part of 6 questions honoring the 60th anniversary of Vostok 1, the first human spaceflight.


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«Восток-2» имел некоторые отличия от первого «Востока». Была доработана радиосвязь, заменена телевизионная система. Телеметрию дополнила коротковолновая система «Сигнал», которая служила для пеленгации корабля и дублировала передачу основных медицинских параметров.

Vostok-2 had some differences from the first Vostok. The radio communication was improved, the television system was replaced. The telemetry was supplemented by the "Signal" short-wave system, which served for direction finding of the ship and duplicated the transmission of the main medical parameters.

page 18 «Восток2»: Сутки в космосе/"Vostok 2": Day in space



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