Cape Canaveral Space Force Station and Patrick Space Force Base are two facilities of the United States Space Force (both formerly assigned to the Air Force) on the east coast of Florida. They both seem to be part of the same command, the 45th Space Wing.

  1. How much are they separate entities? Is there any significant difference between the two?

  2. These two sites seem to be separated by about 10 miles of non-military land. Why were these two sites not simply made into one contiguous base?

  3. The Wikipedia pages for both sites claim a history from the Banana River Naval Air Station. Which one truly is the old naval air station?

Best map that I could find, courtesy of the NY Times:

Canaveral and Patrick bases

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For question 2: in between lives approximately 20,000 people according to the latest census data with millions of tourists annually. Both bases were around before the populations nearby grew big enough to inhibit joining the two, but I don't know why they weren't joined initially


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