I noticed New Glenn has two pods near the bottom of its first stage. Falcon 9 has four pods in the same area, and those are legs. But New Glenn's pods protrude more and they almost look like fins, at least in some renderings. Curious: Are the pods landing legs, fins, or something else?

enter image description here


New Shepard has similar pods at the bottom. In that vehicle they are steering fins. You can see them moving in pre-launch checks done in a test launch here. So the pods on New Glenn are probably steering fins as well.

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Based on other promotional images of New Glenn that show it from different angles, they would appear to be fins:

(Note how the edge appears to be sharp, suggesting a thin shape)


Image source: https://www.blueorigin.com/assets/photos/new-glenn/blueorigin_newglenn_ascent_web.jpg


They are "strakes" aka fins.

Large aerodynamic strakes on the aft end of the tanks give the returning first stage enhanced cross-range during descent and reentry.

Source: New Glenn Payload User's Guide page 16


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