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Suppose a critical failure triggers the launch escape sequencing controller.

A two-engine failure, say, or an attitude error rate in excess of some 5 deg/s in roll (as on Saturn V).

What sequence of events would the sequencing controller command? I’ve been assuming separation pyro bolts would be severed first while the booster engines are simultaneously commanded shut off, followed immediately by the application of a small positive separation force to the escaping crew module followed immediately by the firing of the all-powerful launch escape engines?

Would there be a positive separation force at all in launch escape situations? I know it’s important in normal stage separation but I wonder if it would matter at all in launch escape—then again, if you had the linear charges already installed and wired to detonate when normal separation is commanded, then you might just say hey, do fire the linear charges to get a small positive separation force since it can’t hurt?

But anyway, would the sequence of events go somewhat as I’ve been imagining it?

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