@geoffc's Pod Bay comment and link

Great aerial photo of launch table with the 'dog bones' being installed. So curious how this will all play out!


links to this @RGVaerialphotos tweet with image:

A total of 8 hold down or support clamps/arms for SH have been installed on the Orbital Launch Table.

and there are more including this one (right) with dog-bone-like structures.

from @RGVaerialphotos tweet https://twitter.com/RGVaerialphotos/status/1399762876139769856 from @RGVaerialphotos tweet https://twitter.com/RGVaerialphotos/status/1399766481458565121

Question: What exactly are "launch tables" and "dog bones" in the context of SpaceX's Super heavy-lift launch vehicle? Where do they go? What do they do?


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