The ISS was rotated by Nauka today. As far as I understand, this took quite some time, i.e. the ISS was not simply rotated by 45 degrees within a few seconds.

I know that the ISS usually rotates once per orbit and that astronauts do notice acceleration (due to boosting). But do astronauts notice such changes in orientation like the one Nauka caused? Or the deliberate change in orientation prior to the docking of Nauka?

I imagine that an astronaut who is not holding on to something might notice that the walls seem to rotate around them slowly.


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No they didn't notice, the acceleration was very slow and the maximum rate of turn was 1/2 degree per second. It took some time to reach that rate. From the BBC news article:

Nasa tweeted that "the module's thrusters started firing at 12:45pm ET (16:45 GMT) inadvertently and unexpectedly, moving the station 45 degrees out of attitude".

Communications with the ISS crew were lost for several minutes during the incident. However. they "really didn't feel any movement" as the space station pitched at half-a-degree a second.

If they didn't notice a 1/2 degree per second change they won't notice the regular rotation as it's even less.


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