Is there a breakdown of the 2.5 Billion USD cost for Curiosity? I am particularly interested in the cost of the software development of the rover.


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I found this breakdown on another website:

Source: NASA's FY2010 budget.

Spacecraft \$ 943.3 million
Payloads \$ 124.3 million
Systems I&T \$ 92.0 million
Launch Vehicle/Services \$ 215.1 million
Ground Systems \$ 77.7 million
Science/Technology \$ 16.9 million
Other direct project cost \$ 161.7 million
Total development cost $ 1.631 billion in 2009 dollars.

I haven't found a separate line item for software development, so that's part of the \$ 1067M for the R&D, design and construction of the spacecraft + payloads. Even the 600-page detailed budget doesn't list software development separately.


This video on MSL flight software development has some information on the workforce for software development and software testing, from which you can derive some rough cost numbers.


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