On Sept. 18, propulsion engineers finished filling Lucy’s fuel tanks with approximately 1,600 pounds (725 kilograms) of liquid hydrazine and liquid oxygen, which make up 40% of the mass of the spacecraft. The fuel will be used for precise maneuvers that will propel Lucy to its asteroid destinations on schedule, while the solar arrays – each the width of a school bus – will recharge the batteries that will power spacecraft instruments.

Source: https://www.scientiststudy.com/2021/09/nasas-lucy-mission-prepares-for-launch.html

The probe is fuelled by 725 kg of liquid hydrazine and liquid oxygen, making up 40% of its mass.

Source: https://spacewatch.global/2021/10/nasas-lucy-to-probe-trojan-asteroids/

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Source: https://english.lokmat.com/technology/nasas-lucy-mission-prepares-for-launch-to-trojan-asteroids/

Is Lucy really fueled with cryogenic liquid oxygen?

The combination of hydrazine and dinitrogen tetroxide is used very often for space probes that should work for several years requiring fuels that are liquid at non cryogenic temperatures.

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