This 6-ton device entered the orbit of Saturn, and even went to the fondant module on Titan. I would like to ponder - how did they do such a thing with their small carriers? Oh yes! Gravitational maneuvers for 3 planets .. etc. And yet, does anyone have an intelligible description of what happened and how was is planned? I am interested in the speed to leave the sphere of influence of the Earth, increments during perturbation maneuvers, the sequence of entering the Saturnian orbit, Huygens' trajectory, scientific equipment on both vehicles, and their work programs. With Huygens in general mysticism - nowhere really comes across info, only common words.

Everywhere it can be seen - the lion's share of Cassini's fuel was not spent and went into the braking impulse at Saturn. Navigating Huygens with SUCH delays - finally a dark forest. (Although it is clear that everything woul roll on calculated algorithms, or was the onboard computer itself capable of analysis and decisions?



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