Ariane 5 rockets (like the one carrying the JWST) are assembled upright in a hangar, but during the launch (obviously) the hangar is no longer around the rocket. Does the Ariane 5 roll out of the assembly hangar? Or is the hangar moved away from the Ariane 5?

I recently saw a mockup of an Ariane 4 where the hangar got rolled away from the launchpad and the rocket stayed in place. Is this still the case for Ariane 5?


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The Ariane 5 is moved from the BAF (FR: Bâtiment d’Assemblage Final, EN: Final Assembly Building) to the launch pad:

Ariane 5 moving from BAF

Annotated wide view

There is no encapsulation facility at the launch pad, which is "approximately 2600 m*" from the BAF.

*measuring with google maps gives 2.60 kilometers.



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