I downloaded a dozen of NASA documents about post-flight analysis of Apollo 11 mission, but I cannot find a table or a plot of fuel usage and remains;

Some of the documents which I found:

In the last one there is thrust plot, which I can approximately use to determine the fuel mass plot, but isn't there any document around already plotting such data?

My main objective is to figure out how much fuel was available at "low gate", but also this moment is not very clear, it varies between documents; according to this one (page 8), low gate should have occurred at 10:06 (606s), but I think it does not fit with fig. 16 in this document, where throttle profile changes at 505s.

Some data I found about the descent engine:

  • Full throttle: 45050 N
  • Exhausts speed: 3000 m/s
  • Specific impulse: 305 s

--> DeltaMass = 45050/3000 = 15 kg/s

I would like to write my own lunar lander simulator based on real data and tunable engine.



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