The NASA Commercial Crew @Commercial_Crewtweet

The #Crew4 astronauts have been busy getting ready for their upcoming mission to the @Space_Station!

The crew recently participated in simulations focused on undocking and departing the orbiting lab, emergency preparedness training, and more: https://go.nasa.gov/3KhJllY

Also shows the image below.

David Parise @davidparise2 tweets

What is that beast of a vehicle?

and Scottish @Scottish720 replies

Pretty sure it’s a military armoured truck in the case the crew / ground crew are on top of the tower and something goes wrong they zip line away from the tower and into the trucks and zoom away from the pad


  1. Will the NASA Commercial Crew "zip line away from the tower and into" this "military armoured truck" in case of emergency?
  2. Does this armoured truck have a name?

Possibly related (maybe there's a bit of a similar vehicle in the photos)

NASA Commercial Crew tweeted image March 4, 2022 https://twitter.com/Commercial_Crew/status/1499752039420731394


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For #1, it certainly sounds like there's something zip-wire-ish involved:

...slide-wire baskets carrying astronauts and ground personnel from the top of the crew access tower

For #2, it is a "MRAP" (mine-resistant ambush-protected) vehicle of a type designed for use as general-purpose armoured transport/patrol vehicles in Iraq/Afghanistan. A group of them seem to have been acquired in about 2015.

WP clarifies that the term covers about a dozen types from different manufacturers - there was no single model - and while it mentions NASA, it doesn't say which type. However, it looks like this was a BAe Caiman - that article mentions NASA use, with a picture looking very much like this one, and it seems to have the distinctive bulge on the sides.

During the Shuttle era, they used ex-Army M113 armoured personnel carriers, now phased out.


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