Following the rollout for the Artemis I wet dress rehearsal, or the rollout for launch, will the core stage perform a static fire on the pad?


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None is planned. The troubled "green run" tests in 2021 were the only planned firings of the stage before launch (and only one was planned, the second one was a do-over).

This NASA page lists the steps in the launch campaign from stacking to launch. Here is a summary.

  • Interface Verification Testing
  • Program Specific Engineering Testing
  • End-to-End Communications Testing
  • Countdown Sequencing Testing
  • Wet Dress Rehearsal Testing

While the last one sounds promising, it is only a fueling test, with no firing planned.

This is similar to a Shuttle launch campaign in that "flight readiness firings" on the pad only took place when a new Orbiter was stacked for the first time, or if there was some other compelling reason (7 were done throughout the program).


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