Currently the return of AX-1 has been rescheduled multiple days due to weather concerns in the landing area. How quickly could astronauts on the ISS evacuate to the ground if so required?

Scenarios which might create this requirement:

  • The littering of the orbit with debris from a general Kessler syndrome
  • the break up of the ISS
  • an Anti Satellite Test
  • the orbit becoming uninhabitable from a Testshot Starfish-like nuclear test or a big solar flare
  • a medical emergency
  • or the threat of military attack on the ISS.

Note: This question has been marked as a duplicate of How fast can the crew evacuate the ISS? (ACRV), but it is not. My question is primarily concerned with the deorbit and reentry capability of vessels and its sensitivity to weather. The other question seems to be primarily concerned with leaving the ISS to orbit and undocking preparations.

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