There's a few questions on the site about whether we can see the James Webb Space Telescope from Earth (i.e. here and here), but I'm wondering about the opposite - can we see Earth using the JWST?

I realize that its position at L2 means that we'd be pointing it straight at the sun and a comment on one of the linked questions says that we'd probably damage the scope in doing so. Wikipedia says that the Earth and the Sun would be almost exactly the same size when viewed from L2 (0.242° and 0.264°, respectively, resulting in an annular eclipse).

If it didn't damage the scope, the reported 0.1 arc-second resolution (0.00003°) seems like it might be able to distinguish some features on Earth. This would also be in the infrared, of course, but infrared pictures of Earth are still neat - unless they're completely washed out by the ring of sunlight?