According to last night's NASA broadcast (and other sources), the launch abort system (LAS) system for Artemis 1 was inert (except for the apparently separate disposal motor). In the event of an Artemis 1 failure, why wouldn't NASA want to save the $1 billion Orion capsule (not to mention a free LAS test) by having a working LAS?

Even if they were too risk averse to reuse a capsule that went through such an event, surely many of the systems could be reused at a cost far less than loading a LAS with solid fuels?

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    $\begingroup$ They plan to throw away the capsule anyway, except for the seats and a couple of computers. And at the moment, this reuse doesn't actually save them money, it costs them money because capsule #2 is sitting on the factory floor, waiting for those components for a long time already. $\endgroup$ Nov 17, 2022 at 8:58


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