I am currently developing a space debris cleaning robot based on ROS (Robot Operating System) and I am facing challenges in finding suitable simulation software to create a realistic physical environment for testing and validating the robot's performance,I am reaching out to this community seeking recommendations or suggestions for simulation software that align with my project requirements. Specifically, I am looking for a tool that offers:

Realistic physics simulation: Accurate simulation of space dynamics, gravity, and object interactions, including the effects of microgravity.

ROS integration: Seamless integration with ROS to develop and test ROS-based control algorithms and communication interfaces.

Customizability: The ability to customize the simulation environment, including space conditions, debris characteristics, and robot parameters.

Visualization capabilities: Advanced visualization features to analyze the robot's performance and identify any potential issues.

I would greatly appreciate any insights or directions regarding where I can find relevant resources or literature on this topic. I have been searching for information, but it seems that discussions specifically addressing this aspect are limited.



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