I’ve read a bit about “safe mode” and “passivation”. While one seems to be triggered autonomously, the other is used to decommission the satellite. How does one put the mission in a temporary safe mode? Is there a term for it?


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Partial answer, perhaps from information on these pages someone can address better

Can operators put their satellites to sleep temporarily?

as far as

How does one put the mission in a temporary safe mode? Is there a term for it?

That's a horse of a different color. Safe mode is more like "don't do anything crazy that you'll regret in the morning" where as sleep assumes the spacecraft is functioning normally (no health issues) and so can be trusted to enter a minimally reactive and minimally communicative state.


I don't know of a common term, but yes, you can generally command a spacecraft into a mode where it is mostly shut down. A common scenario is to save power during a solar eclipse.

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