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Highest number of satellites launched on a single rocket

What is the highest number of satellites that have been launched on a single rocket? What were the number of stages used in that launch? (It may be from the past or a future mission)
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Is Mars' gravity strong enough to hold a human-breathable atmosphere?

If we ever try to make Mars outdoors habitable, won't the air just keep flying off into the outer space because of low gravity?
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What is the largest number of identical satellites launched together?

What is the largest number of (essentially) identical satellites launched together? Form factor alone (e.g. 1U, 3U cubesat) is not enough to make satellites identical, they need to be the same design,...
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Sources of radiation on Mars

This question proposes building a satellite to deflect solar ionizing radiation from Mars. But there are two sources of radiation: the sun and 'everything else' (cosmic radiation). How much radiation ...
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Is NASA doing research on "mini-magnetospheres" to protect crew from radiation in space?

The article NASA proposes a magnetic shield to protect Mars' atmosphere says: ...Dr. Jim Green – the Director of NASA's Planetary Science Division – and a panel of researchers presented an ...
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What Earth satellite remained in orbit the longest before reentering?

@BillGray's excellent answer in September 2018 mentions that the Soviet magnetospheric research satellite 1977-093A (NORAD 10370) was expected to reenter the atmosphere in 2019 due to effects ...
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Artificial Magnetosphere to Terra-form Mars?

I was reading a 2017 article on a potential that Mars could be terraformed using a magneto-tail; A Future Mars Environment for Science and Exploration. This would basically entail sticking a giant ...
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What are the effects of orbital reflectors and advertising on scientific observation?

There's a couple of startups and initiatives which are proposing "space billboards" which have been getting a lot of bad press recently. Most of the proposals involve a bunch of cubesats with large ...
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Artificial magnetic shielding for Mars feasible?

According to this article, the Martian atmosphere can be saved from being dispersed into space through an artificial magnetic shield. I'm interested in knowing the costs and mechanics that can make ...
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Spinning 16 Psyche at Mars L1 to envelop Mars with a magnetosheath?

16 Psyche is theorized to be the remnant iron core of an early small protoplanet that might have had it's surface and mantle stripped away through violent asteroid impacts. Some modeling of possible ...
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