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How much stronger does gravity have to be for space travel to be impossible? [duplicate]

I’ve heard that only a slightly stronger gravitational pull would make it impossible for rockets to launch. Is this true? I’ve heard this used as the reason why humanity is meant to be in space.
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On a Super-Earth 1.5x the volume and mass of Earth, would our rocket technology allow us to reach orbit? [duplicate]

To try and make parameters clear, can we say we are talking about 50% 'more Earth'? As in, Earth, but 1.5 times as big and heavy? And let us include the atmosphere. If there is 50% more of it by ...
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At what gravity would the rocket equation mean "cannot reach orbit from the surface"? [duplicate]

I remember reading (a long time ago in a library far, far away...) that, if Earth's gravity were that much stronger, the rocket equation (?) would mean that it were impossible to actually reach orbit ...
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Is there a maximum gravity limit for conventional rockets? [duplicate]

The "tyranny" of the Tsiolkovsky rocket equation means that more and more fuel is needed to reach higher delta-vs, and that the amount of fuel needed grows in greater than linear way. Does this mean ...
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Escape Velocity [duplicate]

I've read that if the Earth was 50% larger, escape velocity would be so great that we could not build a powerful enough rocket to escape. Is this true and how do I do the maths to prove it?
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Is it possible for a space rocket to escape a planet's gravity if the gravity was 10 times that of earth? [duplicate]

I know that the scenario isn't realistic but lets assume that we have a planet which is identical to ours except that it's gravity is 10 times bigger. Would it be possible to launch a space rocket ...
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How massive can a planet become before it is impossible to escape from using chemical rocket propulsion? [duplicate]

Assuming a vaguely Earth like world but with higher gravity, at what point is it no longer possible to launch a human being from the surface into orbit? Or anything into orbit?
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How much higher could g be before we couldn't launch rockets? [duplicate]

Obviously having a higher gravitational acceleration makes it harder to get rockets into orbit / escape. How much stronger could earths gravity be before we would no longer be able to do the sort of ...
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Why have SpaceX skipped the SpaceX Starship SN12, SN13, and SN14?

Something has happened to the SpaceX Starship SN11. (For full details and answers regarding SN11, check out the question What happened to the SpaceX Starship SN11?) Elon Musk recently posted this ...
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Is this a correct understanding of Tsiolkovsky's rocket equation?

When I graph the rocket equation, substituting arbitrary values for v(exhaust) and m1, so m0 because m1 - m0, the graph implies that increasing propellant mass past a certain point does not increase ...
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Why is that max-Q doesn't occur in transonic regime?

Is there any reason why the maximum dynamic pressure should not occur in the transonic regime. It is clear from this answer that the max-Q for various rockets occur outside the transonic region Do ...
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Limiting factors of liquid rocket engine thrust

What are the limitations for the 1st stage liquid fueled rocket engines that are currently in widespread use, what are the factors that limit their total thrust? Why can't you just inject more and ...
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Is there a theoretical limit to the size of launch vehicles?

Is there a limit to the size (mass, structural issues) of boosters that can be launched either to orbital or escape velocity? I am asking about such constraints as the required thrust to weight ratio ...
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Can planet Earthtoo put a Tooian in orbit too?

Planet Earthtoo saw that Earth could put a person in orbit, so they wanted to go to space too. The planet Earthtoo is twice the diameter of Earth, with the same internal structure - the average ...
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How big could a rocket get?

What are the practical limitations on the size of Earth based, orbital rockets? How tall/heavy might we make a rocket? For the purposes of this question, I'm mostly interested in rockets using ...
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