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Why aren't batteries used in space?

Like why use RTGs (Radioisotope thermoelectric generator) to power small spacecraft instead of just placing batteries inside them to power stuff?
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WHY did Rosetta have to go into hibernation for 2.5 years?

It seems the Rosetta spacecraft was put (put itself) into hibernation 08-June-2011. It spun itself up to stabilize its attitude, then shut down navigation, attitude control, communication systems as ...
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How is Voyager 1 still operating?

I watched a documentary on Voyager 1 and 2 last night and wondered "how is the digital equipment on them still operating"? I work in IT, and decided to look up what the longest running servers were - ...
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Will the Tesla Roadster return any telemetry?

Is there any equipment fitted to the Tesla Roadster to send signals back to Earth, even for a short time after launch?
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How does Rosetta "wake-up?"

Rosetta has been in hibernation mode for most of the last three years. As far as I am aware, "sleep" means using minimum resources since there is nothing for the probe to do during its long transfer ...
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Can operators put their satellites to sleep temporarily?

I’ve read a bit about “safe mode” and “passivation”. While one seems to be triggered autonomously, the other is used to decommission the satellite. How does one put the mission in a temporary safe ...
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How long would a Falcon Heavy last in orbit around Mars before degrading?

Elon Musk made another characteristic splash recently with his plan to launch a Falcon Heavy into orbit around Mars, with the bonus payload of his personal Tesla Roadster inside. Of course, it's an ...
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Could Rosetta have been awakened from Earth if necessary?

Today, January 20th 2014 AD of the Gregorian Calendar, is the wake-up day of Rosetta. Expected AOS window commenced at 1830 UTC before which Rosetta was expected to wake-up, and perform basic house-...
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How accurately do they know where Rosetta is, and how do they know?

Title says it all really: how accurately do they know where the Rosetta space vehicle is at any given time, and how do they know that?
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Spacecraft electronics heating

As much as I know of integrated circuits is that military components have lowest temperature working limit - I think -40 deg Celsius. Having in mind that temperatures in open space are less than -200, ...
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What's the record for the longest time a deep space craft has functioned without a reboot?

The question How is Voyager 1 still operating? and the interesting comparison to the record times that Earthbound servers have run without reboot got me thinking about deep space spacecraft. I'm ...
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Spacecraft position determination

As I understand tone ranging is one of the technique used to determine satellite range from the earth station. In this case the ...
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