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What is that thing spraying during a Falcon 9 launch? [duplicate]

What are those things spraying something at the pad during the beginning of a Falcon 9 launch?
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What is sprayed at a rocket launch? And why? [duplicate]

Looking at recent SpaceX launches there is some, probably water, sprayed to the flames. Why?
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Water Deluge and Flame Trenches [duplicate]

After years of seeing a water tower so close to the launch pad, I’m now just starting to realize it has a purpose. I was a fool to think the water tower had been there for years and they just could ...
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Why isn't SpaceX constructing the Super Heavy launch mount on top of the water?

With SpaceX creating their launch facility in Boca Chica Texas, right next to the water, why would they bother building a huge launch pad to withstand the blast, as opposed to building it on top of ...
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What is the base of a launchpad made of?

I'm curious as to what launchpad bases are made of - it seems to always be made of concrete, but wouldn't the concrete disintegrate rather quickly with jets of fire pounding on it?
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How much water is used at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC)?

I recall seeing LOTS of water usage on a tour of Kennedy Space Center as a kid: during launches, etc. I'm looking only for a magnitude of order, so I would be satisfied with "hella" or "not much more ...
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What's the white tall tower with a tank near Space Shuttle launch pad?

Here's neat image from Wikipedia: On the right there's a tall white tower with a rounded tank on top looking much like a water tower. There's another one right behind the first one opposing the other ...
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How are spacecraft crews protected from sound damage during launch?

As stated elsewhere, the soundwaves formed by a rocket launch are powerful enough to do structural damage to the spacecraft during launch. How are astronauts protected against the soundwaves, or why ...
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Disposal pool during RS-25 engine test?

Nasa recently did a test firing of an RS-25 rocket, and released a video of it. Here's a frame grab: Note that pool of water at the bottom right, with a pipe leading to it, and clouds of steam coming ...
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What are the advantages of water-based sound suppression vs. cliff-based launching?

In this Q and A, it is explained that at Baikanour rocket launches are suspended over a cliff and vented instead of using a water-based sound suppression system as is commonly used. It would seem ...
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Issues with multiple raptor engines working in tandem in starship

To get the super heavy starship structure airborne and accelerate vertically, SpaceX is considering using multiple raptor engines. Clustering together huge powerful engines such as Raptor in a ...
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