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Why did Starhopper's exhaust plume become brighter just before landing?

In 2019 Aug 27's test flight, during the final 8 seconds before landing (T+00:45), Starhopper's plume was suddenly much brighter. Why? The Raptor's thrust can't ...
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Was the side booster footage from the same camera during the Falcon Heavy test flight stream?

Chat has once again led me to ask a question. Geoffc suggest that the "two bottom feeds were from the same camera" as they aimed at the same landing site. I then started to collect some images to see ...
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Why does the video feed always fail during Falcon 9 landings?

I'm in love with SpaceX and Falcon 9, I watch every live stream and the most special, most amazing, most thrilling part of each launch is the 1st stage landing. Seeing the smoke (or vapor) clear and ...
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Is it normal for thrusters to "ice up"?

Towards the end of the JSSAT-14 webcast (around T+32:58), we see a thruster firing. Over the space of around 20 seconds, you can see it "icing up": What is this that's forming? Is this a normal ...
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How tall are the "cliffs of the delta" in the Perseverance rover's landing ellipse?

edit: For all the cliff-doubters in comments, here's a quote of Project Scientist Ken Farley in the new NASA video After the Landing: An Update about NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover after ...
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What is a "re-radiation system"?

In SpaceX's Echostar XXIII Hosted Webcast after T+ 00:03:50 they mentioned the "re-radiation system" as a part of the payload fairing that increased it's value and ...
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What is the mysterious cube shaped object observed in the Falcon 9 launch? [duplicate]

For today's(November 15 2018) Falcon 9 launch, at around T+ 06:04 into the mission, we can see a cube shaped object flying near to Falcon 9 first stage. This ...
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Will Perseverance's landing be live streamed?

I know that the launch will be live streamed, but I am interested in the landing. Is there a plan to make it possible for the general public to get access to landing video as soon as mission control? ...
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Has F9 landed on ships in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans?

Watching the CRS-11 hosted webcast starting at T -00:08:24 got me thinking about SpaceX launches on both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of the US. Have there been ...
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What pattern of satellite release will the pentagonal Iridium arrangement use?

The first ten of eleven OrbComm satellites were deployed in opposing pairs at five different times. The 2nd stage performed roll maneuvers to make sure the initial velocity and/or attitude were ...
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What was all of the junk in the SES satellite deployment?

In the SES launch on March 4, 2016, when the satellite deployed, there was quite a bit of junk that was released when the satellite was released. What was that?
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Are there payload lights turning on and off in orbit on SpaceX STP-2?

In the video of the SpaceX STP-2 Mission during satellite deployment after around T+01:21:35 there are some areas that abruptly blink brightly. It's too fast and ...
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What caused this shadow on Falcon 9 stage 2 w/Jason-3 before circularization burn?

While the image appears bright, the light is just reflected sunlight (from the earth, per the webcast). The circularization burn doesn't start until about T+ 00:55:16 per the SpaceX webcast. But at ...
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What is the mysterious object flying by in this SpaceX video?

In the last second of this video tweeted by spaceX, you can see an object fly by on screen. Did this come from the SpaceX ship, or is it foreign space junk? If it turns out to be the latter, is that a ...
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