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How much does air on the ISS cost?

I was reading an article which broke down some of the methods of oxygen creation on the ISS. This was in response to my daughter commenting that "air is free," and being curious about ...
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How are oxygen and nitrogen replenished in the storage tanks on the ISS?

How they add gases to high pressure tanks. Will the supply trucks bring it? And how will it be connected?
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What parts of the ISS would impact the Earth with a substantial amount of kinetic energy?

There are several posts and comments about the parts of the ISS striking Earth on re-entry. Here is one example Would the ISS actually burn up completely? It's pretty big. No, the Mir was much ...
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Can LOX containing hydrogen peroxide be used as an oxidizer for a liquid fueled rocket?

While searching the internet for designs on liquid fueled rocket engines, I noticed that some bottles of liquid oxygen say they contain some percentage of hydrogen peroxide. Could that be used as an ...
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Water Compressed on Space Station

I have heard rumors that they use compressed water to save space on transportation to the space station. Is there any possibility of this occurring at any point in space travel history?
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Sources for make-up breathable oxygen on Mars; of H₂O, CO₂ and ClO₄⁻, which is likely to be used first?

While oxygen recovery and reuse is well developed, the ISS does receive regular shipments of make-up oxygen. See for example this and this and this answer. For an early, manned presence on Mars, a ...
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What are these very large, square panels on Inmarsat 5?

Question: What are these very large square panels on Inmarsat 5's? They seem to each have an extremely reflective mirror-like flat/smooth tiled-appearing side, and a nearly black side with a lot of ...
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Can the ISS's NORS tanks be used to recharge spacesuit or spacecraft oxygen supplies?

In this answer I said: In an emergency a pressurized tank of oxygen gas can be an immediate source of oxygen to pressurize the station, and (possibly) other thinks such as tanks for suits. But for ...
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Isn't electrolysis of water less efficient for a space craft than pressurized oxygen tanks?

Isn't electrolysis of water less efficient for a spacecraft than pressurized oxygen tanks? The ISS uses electrolysis but to do this you have to send water to space which weighs more than oxygen and ...
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Problems compressing the helium tanks inside the F9 2nd stage LOX tank at the last minute?

A recent "Anomaly Update" dated September 23, 1:00pm EDT by SpaceX, includes the sentence: "At this stage of the investigation, preliminary review ...
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Why vent $CO_2$ and $H_2$ waste products to space on ISS?

In this answer, it's mentioned that waste $CO_2$ and $H_2$ from the Environmental Control and Life Support Systems (ECLSS) are vented into space from ISS. Are there no other uses for this material ...
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Liquids Plumbing on board

When a cargo mission is flown toward the ISS, there are at least four different kinds of liquids that may need to be moved into/out of the station: Propellant for Zvezda's thrusters Water Wastewater ...
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