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What propulsion methods does the ISS use for station-keeping?

The International Space Station is constantly losing orbital energy due to atmospheric drag. How does station-keeping work for the ISS? What sort of propulsion system is used to keep it in the desired ...
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Are lithium batteries allowed in the International Space Station?

Lithium batteries have been restricted or forbidden on aircraft in some jurisdictions, after incidents of fires. Are lithium batteries allowed on the ISS? If so, why would the risk be considered ...
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Why doesn't the ISS use ion engines to maintain altitude?

So the ISS uses small thrusters on the Soyuz (usually) to perform occasional reboost burns to raise its orbit. This goes through, from what I can tell, around 3,500 kilos of fuel per year. Would it ...
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Would it be possible to Boost ISS to L1 or Lunar Orbit?

NASA and Russia plan to retire the ISS before 2030, and to launch a new lunar outpost to lunar orbit. This output could then be a gateway to future mission to Mars or the outer solar system. My ...
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Which way will the Neumann drive (on the ISS) point, what will be its maximum possible thrust?

After reading the answers to: Will the Neumann drive start testing aboard the ISS some time in 2018? What is Australia's Bartolomeo platform? When does it arrive at the ISS; when and where will it ...
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How many "main" batteries does the ISS have? How many are still nickel-hydrogen?

CBS News's Third all-female spacewalk completes job of swapping out batteries says: NASA is in the process of replacing 48 older-generation nickel-hydrogen batteries in the station's solar power ...
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Could SpaceX deliver the Interim Control Module to the ISS?

Three days ago Roscosmos chief, Dmitry Rogozin, bemoaned the sanctions on Twitter saying they could break the ISS cooperation, asking Joe Biden how he'd manage to manage the course corrections given ...
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What's the lowest altitude that an ion engine has been used for a significant orbital maneuver?

I'm thinking about trying to calculate something for Where do ion propulsion's ions go? Do they remain in the solar system or shoot out into interstellar space? Excluding low altitude tests of ion ...
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Would ISS raise up with the help of the self-powered ion thrusters?

The solar arrays provide about 100 kW of power, so we can put the two HiPEP thusters providing 1 N (1000 mN) power combined, with the specific impulse as high as 6000–9000. Such an acceleration force ...
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Do reversible proton-exchange membrane hydrolizer/fuel cells exist? Have they been incorporated into a “Hydrogen Battery”?

Solar power on the Moon suffers from the month-long Lunar rotation which necessitates enough energy storage to last through the 2 week Lunar night. An alternative to battery storage would be a closed-...
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