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What is the "true" cost to send a freighter (spaceX or SoyuZ) to the ISS? [duplicate]

What is the real cost (all costs) in to send a freight craft to ISS? Which launch system is the most cost effective?
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What would be the incremental cost of launching 1 ton of LOX/LH2 into LEO? [duplicate]

I am asking this question in a context of feasability of orbital fuel depots. I understand that cost/kg estimates exist (2-14 k$/kg): What is the current cost-per-pound to send something into LEO? ]),...
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Why can the Falcon 9 be reused while the SLS cannot?

In reading about SLS, I learned that the reason they won't reuse their rocket is that the weight of the parachutes to enable recovery is too much of a sacrifice. How is the weight of the hardware and ...
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Why aren't payloads their own fairings?

...or if they can, why so rarely? I mean: instead of placing a satellite of nondescript shape inside a fairing which is discarded somewhere above the atmosphere, build it in such a way that its ...
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Can I get higher with Space Junk?

There is a whole bunch of space junk; Wikipedia says there are about 19,000 pieces of junk being tracked. With no clouds, solar energy is readily available, so the biggest missing ingredient for ...
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Rocket fuel cost to launch 1 kg to orbit

I have 2 questions about the cost of liquid rocket fuel to launch (anything) to LEO orbit. Let's assume we use fuels used in commercial spaceflight today (probably LOX+LH2 or LOX+RP-1 etc.). What is ...
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What is the current cost per kg to send something into GSO/GEO?

I was reading this article and thought it was reasonably cheap, probably because I mistook LEO for GEO. What is the going rate to get something into GeoStationary Orbit and Geosynchronous Equatorial ...
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What will happen to the Russian messages flash drive?

I saw a video today of a flash drive being thrown into space from the ISS ( What will happen to this flash drive? Will it burn up in the ...
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Will the Rocket Lab's Electron rocket really be an effective launch system?

Rocket Lab, a company from New Zealand is working on a small rocket (18 m tall, 10 tonnes), for which there are already over 30 launches lined up at US $5M each. From Wikipedia: In July 2014 it ...
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Cost breakdown of Delta IV Heavy launch

It seems that launching rockets to orbit is already pretty mature technology. Yet, costs of payload delivered are very high (around 50,000 USD/kg for GEO, around 4,000 USD/kg for LEO). I wonder what ...
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How much energy would it require to get the ISS to the moon? [duplicate]

How much energy would it require to get the ISS around or on the moon? And how much fuel would that require? And how many cargo missions would that require? And if that is not worth it, would it be ...
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Does a persons weight affect their potential selection to be an astronaut?

Every extra bit of weight cost extra to send to orbit. Presumably it also impacts the possible payload. Assuming a generally healthy build, and otherwise physically able and fit person. In ...
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Solutions for transporting water to space

If water is the cheapest, and most usable radiation shield material for human space travel, how do we get large amounts of it to orbit?
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