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Where does a planet end and space begin? [duplicate]

Where does space start? If space starts right beyond the solid part of a planet, then wouldn't Jupiter not be a planet? And if it starts at the end of the atmosphere, at what point does one escape the ...
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Why are the recent flights of two billionaires discussed in terms of space travel?

Recently, there has been much attention on the fact that billionaires Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson were passengers in very high-altitude flights. Reputed media outlets discussed these events as &...
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How does skipping off the atmosphere work?

I searched the web and found a couple entries on Wikipedia (Skip reentry & Atmospheric entry) that kind brush at the topic. The article on Stone skipping has some science and physics involved (...
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How far would the STS get without the SRBs

This is a very stupid hypothetical - sorry! Would the Space Shuttle Orbiter plus external tank have been able to leave the pad just using the SSMEs (i.e. without the solid rocket boosters ~80% of its ...
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Can you get to orbital speed with an air breathing engine?

There have been some questions (and answers) that talk about using an airplane as part (or all) of the launch to space. There are active designs that use wings as part of the launch or landing ...
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What distinguishes a sounding rocket from a suborbital flight?

What are the differences between a sounding rocket and a suborbital flight? Sounding rockets have long been used for science purposes. Some of them have trajectories elliptic enough to do ...
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What does it take for a craft to perform a flight simulating weightlessness without having to fly a steep parabola/ellipse?

Alright, I'll try to ask a better question on what I mean so that we figure out how one becomes weightless in a craft without having to fly steep parabolae. Other than flying parabolae or nose-down ...
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How long does it take to get to ISS?

The ISS is in orbit about 250 miles high, the students in this related question get 62 miles in less than a minute. This NASA Press release indicates the The Soyuz TMA-13M launch on May 2014 has a 6 ...
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What was the first animal sent into space?

I know that cats, dogs, apes, guinea pigs, and a few other animals and insects have been sent into outer space. But what was the first animal which has been sent into space (or better: into “orbit”)? ...
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What was the first man-made object to enter space?

According to this article, the german V-2 rocket from WW2 had a max altitude of 206 km when launched straight up. That's clearly above the 100 km requirement to be considered 'in space.' The V-2 was ...
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What are the risks involved in amateur high-altitude ballooning, and how can we mitigate them?

Over the past few years, it's become somewhat of a trend to send up high-altitude balloons and post videos on internet. Well-known examples include Toy Train in Space and Picard & Kirk in Space. ...
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Could a modified Dragon reach Low Earth Orbit just using SuperDraco engines?

How far could a heavily modified SpaceX Dragon capsule fly just by using its SuperDraco engines? By heavily modified i mean unmanned, unpressurized and full of mono propellant.
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