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Music played in space

Besides the Curiosity rovers's rendition of Happy Birthday and Chris Hadfields guitar playing aboard the ISS, is there a list of music played in space live (robots playing music counts too)? Note: ...
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How did the tangential thrusters for the 2014 LDSD test spin-up then spin-down so nicely?

I just watched the NASA JPL video of the 2014 test of the Low-Density Supersonic Decelerator (LDSD). Tangential thrusters are used to spin up the craft for stability before the main rocket ignites. ...
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What sounds do astronauts hear inside their helmets during an EVA?

Besides the communications over the headsets, do astronauts hear any other sounds inside their helmets? Do they hear their own breath? Are there any mechanical sounds audible? Does the circulating ...
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Till what altitude above earth sounds can be heard?

In the new video of SpaceX SAOCOM 1B launch and landing RCS thrusters and other sounds can be heard during boostback burn. Falcon 9 boostback happens at nearly 100 Km altitude. Does the air density at ...
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slowest crash on the Moon?

Let's say I launched something into lunar orbit with minimal of propellant - just enough for trajectory corrections and then a final push to de-orbit. What is the slowest crash landing speed (both ...
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Can astronauts inside ISS hear their crewmates doing EVAs?

I was just watching a video of two astronauts doing an EVA on ISS to install some things. As I saw how they moved around the outside of the ISS using handrails and other things to grab, I was ...
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Propagation of pressure waves in low Earth orbit

So in a Wikipedia article about space debris I read that: At higher altitudes, where air drag is less significant, orbital decay takes longer. Slight atmospheric drag, lunar perturbations, Earth's ...
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Where does the noise on spacewalks come from?

ISS astronaut Randy Bresnik recently posted a video on social media from his spacewalk, shot with a GoPro. You can watch his clip here (Embedding the clip didn't work):
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What are the sounds in this GoPro-in-orbit ISS video?

The video description says: Published on Apr 15, 2015 This footage was taken by U.S. astronaut Terry Virts during a spacewalk on the International Space Station on February 25, 2015. Virts and ...
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Did the Apollo astronauts hear any external sounds during a lunar EVA?

Did any sounds resonate through their boots or any part of their environmental suit? Could they hear the folding or rubbing of the material of their suits? Did anything impact their boots that might ...
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Acoustics in Space

Acoustics is an important aspect of not just our architecture but how we and other deep ocean creature interact with each other and the surface. It is known to be used in submarines and other research ...
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What local pressure changes would a starship launch on Mars cause?

When Starship launches from Mars it will burn thousands of tonnes of fuel in seconds. This will cause a local increase in pressure, humidity (it might exist!) and temperature. Do we have any idea how ...
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Can space suit gloves hear, feel, or otherwise sense information through augmentation? Will they?

@mdouglasbibbey's answer describes a situation where it was impossible to "hear" = feel important information while working on Hubble during an EVA, including haptic feedback when a quick ...
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