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How exactly will the ISS die in 2025? [duplicate]

According to: ”Moreover, the ISS end of life might come in 2025, and assuming you need a few years to graduate, more to get a degree, work experience, get hired, do the training... The ISS might ...
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How can I, a high school student in Bucharest, go on to become an ISS astronaut?

I study at a High School in Bucharest, and I want to know what kind of education or subjects I need so that I can work in an International Space Station and stay there for 6 months. In the high ...
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Why would extra fuel be needed to de-orbit the ISS (if it comes to that)?

The BBC article The Astronaut Fighting to Save our Home in Space discusses “experienced astronaut, and astrophysicist Dr Michael Foale”'s exciting career aboard the Space Shuttle, Soyuz, Mir, and ISS, ...
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Why is NASA planning to deorbit the ISS instead of reusing its newer modules, like the Russians will?

I was reading about Russia's plans to detach their modules from the ISS before its deorbit and use them to begin a new space station. The version I read said Zvezda (DOS-8) and Poisk (MRM-2) are ...
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How feasible would it be to move the ISS to the surface of the Moon to recycle its components in future?

I see it as an awful waste of energy in not only creating the International Space Station (ISS) components, but also in getting them into space to only decommission the station by letting it fall back ...
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How do orbital boosts affect the structural integrity of the ISS?

I've become curious of this question since my time on KSP, and searches have not rendered much. In the simulator, building large stations even without the micro atmosphere being simulated, can cause ...
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What will be the best way to convert nuclear fusion energy into thrust for a rocket?

Best means maximum thrust, safest, easy to maintain. And it's not opinion based because I'm looking for a way that's theoretically feasible and may be practical in a few years. However, if you have an ...
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What would happen to the ISS if we stopped maintaining it?

What would happen if the astronauts on the ISS stopped maintaining it, and no further vehicles or remote control commands were sent up from the ground? I'd like to know what systems would stop working,...
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What is the likely plan to deorbit the ISS given its size and shape?

The ISS is nearing its final years and this question spurred me to ask a follow up. Let's say that the various countries grab whatever equipment/modules they provided in assembly and the ISS is ...
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What parts of the ISS would impact the Earth with a substantial amount of kinetic energy?

There are several posts and comments about the parts of the ISS striking Earth on re-entry. Here is one example Would the ISS actually burn up completely? It's pretty big. No, the Mir was much ...
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How many hours/week on the ISS is spent on science vs maintenance?

This was asked in 2016 : Does ISS crew exercise time count toward their X hour work week? The answer as of 2016 was 40 hours / week for a crew of 6. But as noted there, when the crew size increases to ...
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Has the answer to PopSci's question "How Many Years Does The Space Station Have Left?" been published?

This answer to the question Why does the ISS have to be destroyed? begins It doesn't, not really, but there will come a time when it will simply not be worth keeping it up. and mentions a study, ...
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The Lunar Gateway [duplicate]

The Lunar Gateway is an in-development space station in lunar orbit intended to serve as a solar-powered communications hub, science laboratory, short-term habitation module, and holding area for ...
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