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Are there any space probes or landers which regained communication after being lost?

Recently, ISRO Vikram lander of Chandrayaan 2 lost its communication just before 2.1 km from lunar surface. ISRO staff still trying to regain the signals. Are there any space probes/landers which ...
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Is it possible to track an object as small as the Tesla Roadster around the Solar System

I have heard that we will soon lose track of the Tesla Roadster launched with the Falcon Heavy test launch. Yet, we know where Voyager is out beyond the Solar System and we followed other satellites ...
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How well could a satellite hide from Earth detection?

If there are only a few "enemy" radars at known locations that can detect a satellite in LEO, I'd assume there are some radar stealth methods using a spacecraft carefully shaped and oriented such that ...
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Is there any way to determine the fate of Chandrayaan-2?

The lander Vikram of Chandrayaan-2 lost contact with ISRO shortly before an expected landing. Is there any way to find out if it landed without crashing? For example, are there satellites orbiting ...
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Is it possible for amateurs to determine the orbit of satellites

Maybe some people urge this is a DIY site question but i thought here is the proper place to ask this question. Is it possible for amateurs like students with commercial and available equipment like ...
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What satellites can I receive Images from with a radio?

Are there any satellites that I can receive image data streams with an SDR and antenna? I already know about NOAA 15, 18, 19 and METEOR - M 2. Are there any other radio satellites that I can access ...
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Did Zuma complete at least one orbit? [duplicate]

Question: Did Zuma complete at least one orbit? CLOSE VOTERS, PLEASE NOTE: answers to What was the outcome of the launch of ZUMA by SpaceX, to the best of the public's knowledge? do not answer my ...
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Ground station : DVB-S2 TBS-6903 Receiver to communicate with a LEO Satellite

I am working on a project to develop a ground station that communicates with a LEO Satellite in X Band via the DVB-S2 communication standard using off-the-shelf components. It appears that the TBS-...
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How is Prospero doing now? Was it really heard in 2004 and have there been recent attempts to contact it?

Screenshot from the excellent historical review in Curious Droid video Black Arrow : The Lipstick Rocket - A Very British Space Program with a photo of Prospero or at least a representation thereof. ...
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Vela 1A and IMAGE "once were lost, but now are found"; are there any more "lost" satellites thought to still be in Earth orbit?

@BillGray's answer to Where is Vela 1A? Is there any information what its orbit would be like now? says in part: This object was "lost" for some decades. In October 2014, the Palomar ...
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