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Why is Falcon 9's fairing so big?

The Falcon 9 fairing costs millions of dollars. It is 5.2 meters wide while the rocket itself is only 3.7 meters wide. There is no aerodynamic reason that the fairing has to be so big, since Dragon ...
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Why would a mission to Sun-Earth L1 have an instantaneous launch window?

I was watching the webcast for Falcon 9 Flight 15 (launching DSCOVR) when they scrubbed their first launch attempt due to some issues during the terminal countdown. Before the scrub, the narrator ...
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What is the "launch energy" or C₃ measured in km² / s²

In some papers there is "launch energy" characteristic of spacecraft launched into space from Earth. Sometimes it is written as "C₃" (C3). For example, Ares V document lists "C₃" as equal or less than ...
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TESS orbit and moon resonance

On April 17, SpaceX will launch TESS satellite. Satellite description: The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) is a planned telescope for NASA'S explorer progra. designed to search for ...
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C3 calculation in interplanetary missions

I'm starting to study Astrodynamics and I'm trying to make a Porkchop plot for a Mars mission to compare the results with actual porkchop plots which I found on the internet, so I know if my ...
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Generating plot of LV's performance as a function of the C3 parameter

Following my previous question about Ariane 5 performance data for escape missions, I would like to know how the plot of launch vehicle capabilities like the next one are obtained: More specifically, ...
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Relationship of 'C3' to Delta-V for interplanetary missions

In what way does the concept of 'C3' relate to 'Delta-V' in interplanetary missions?
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How to interpret and use characteristic energy C3 in this case?

In this answer I've interpreted the x axis of the plot in the question (also shown below) labeled as $C_3$ (characteristic energy) to be the "excess $v^2$ above escape velocity from Earth", and so I'd ...
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How can I calculate the Characteristic Energy to Sun-Earth L1?

Alternatively, does anyone know it? I'm asking in regards to the upcoming DSCOVR (Deep Space Climate Observatory) mission scheduled to launch aboard a Falcon 9 v1.1 rocket in January 2015. DSCOVR is ...
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How do RAAN steering increase the launch window?

In the recent ULA video by Tory Bruno Tory Talk // Atlas V Lucy: RAAN Steering (linked below) he gave some short hints about RAAN steering. What is RAAN (Right Ascension of Ascending Node) steering? ...
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