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Has there ever been a completely solid fuelled orbital rocket? [duplicate]

Engines and fuel management are very expensive to develop, and for smaller launch providers and space agencies this could prevent them from entering the market. My question is, would the cost savings ...
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Why do space rockets not start from an angle? Why go straight up? [duplicate]

I know that they used to have this idea, back in the day, of a "space gun" to fire somebody into space, and I understand why that was not safe or practical/feasible. However, once they had come up ...
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Why isn't there a rocket to launch a single cubesat?

I find the business model for RocketLab interesting. It is said that they fill a niche in the market by using smaller rockets. And it is true, in comparison to e.g. Falcon 9's payload of 9,500 kg, ...
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Is it possible to build a rocket with 2kg payload? [duplicate]

Is it possible to build a small rocket that carries 1 cubesat into orbit? And how small the rocket would be, if it is possible?
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Will JAXA try again to launch TRICOM-1 with the "world's smallest orbital rocket" SS-520-4 again?

From the Spaceflight 101 article Experimental Launch of World’s Smallest Orbital Space Rocket ends in Failure: SS-520-4 lifted off from the Uchinoura Space Center in Japan’s Kagoshima prefecture at 8:...
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What exactly is rhumb-line control in the context of a launch trajectory?

The conference paper SS-520 Nano satellite launcher and its flight result SSC18-IX-03 from the 32nd Annual AIAA/USU Conference on Small Satellites linked in this answer describes the use of rhumb-line ...
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What is the smallest object our current technology is capable of launching into space?

Well, I'm quite ignorant about space exploration in general, but I hope I don't make too many misconceptions. So, from what I could find on the internet, there is a certain type of spacecraft ...
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Smallest orbital rockets by height?

Which orbital rocket is the smallest in height (or length) that ever launched? Would be nice to know the second and third place too. Similar questions: Smallest orbital rocket by diameter? Smallest ...
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How do small, spin stabilized launchers follow a rhumb line?

This concise answer to What exactly is rhumb-line control in the context of a launch trajectory? explains the concept in the context of the SS-520 nanosatellite launch vehicle (which "doesn't exist"). ...
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Do you know a rocket for launching femto and pico satellites smaller than the SS-520?

The question has already been asked here why no one has built a rocket to launch one CubeSat. Why isn't there a rocket to launch a single cubesat? If there "won't be" rockets to ...
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Is the SS-520-5 both a floor wax and a desert topping? Can it be considered both a sounding rocket and an orbital vehicle?

The answer to If there "won't be" rockets to launch individual cubesats, then why did JAXA build exactly that? (SS-520-xx) begins The SS-520-5 launcher is not intended to be an ...
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