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I'm not sure if what I've seen is the ISS or not

Can the ISS be seen clearly with the naked eye at dawn? I think that it passed over my location, and I barely saw the 4 solar "wings" as well, but I'm not sure of the last part, because people say ...
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Naked Eye View of ISS: Resolution?

My wife and I watched ISS over NM tonight (10/17/2016). We both thought that it looked larger than point-like. Can the ISS look like an extended object? Are there docked, or nearby, rockets that ...
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ISS observation and orbit plane

My city is a bit to the north of ISS orbit's northmost point (inclination is 51°, my city is N55°). I observed ISS around 23:xx in summer at its heighest point over horizon, 45°. I supposed that the ...
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Why does the ISS viewing times go through repetitive patterns of being always morning or always evening?

In examining the upcoming schedule for viewing the ISS, why does it seem like the AM/PM is repetitive. It will appear in the AM several days in a row, then it will switch to the PM several days in a ...
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Why are low earth orbit satellites not visible from the same place all the time?

I was wondering why low earth orbit satellites can not be seen from the same place all the time? For instance, the ISS passes over my house twice in a month. Why does it happen only two times?
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Why does the International Space Station have a downward facing light?

I really enjoy watching the International Space Station fly over head. I subscribe to alerts so I know when it is in my area during the night time. I wouldn't be able to see it if it weren't for the ...
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Any idea what's in the SE sky from Denver around 12:40PM EDT?

There's something that's visible in the SE (roughly) from Denver now ~12:40PM. It seems to be tracking north. I tried taking a photo but my camera doesn't have the resolution. I'm really curious. I ...
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Why doesn't ISS pass over the polar regions?

The ISS orbits West to East covering almost every part of the land on Earth, but excludes the polar regions. Why was this orbit chosen?
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Can you make out the shape of the ISS with the unaided eye as it passes overhead?

Someone claimed to me that they could see the actual shape of the ISS as it passed overhead without use of any optical device. I would think this isn't possible since it is only about 100 meters wide ...
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Why did the recent Sirius FM6 launch use such a high inclination?

Earlier today a Proton-M rocket took off, carrying a Sirius FM6 satellite radio payload destined for geosynchronous orbit. Nothing super exciting, Briz-M upper stage for transfer burns and then the ...
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