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Why did Voyager 2 receive a gravitational slowdown (as opposed to a slingshot) at Neptune?

I was actually answering this question today regarding velocities of spacecraft, and it occurred to me I've never really looked at this graph in much detail before: Heliocentric velocity of Voyager 2 ...
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Could one of the interstellar probes discover Planet IX by accident?

Could one or some of the spacecraft sent beyond the Kuiper belt discover (or even disprove) the hypothetical Planet IX? That doesn't necessarily mean coming so close you'd recognize the planet in ...
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Why did Voyager 2's velocity drop far below escape velocity before the first gravity assist?

As per @kasperd's comment on another question. Looking at the graph below, it appears that Voyager 2 started at just over escape velocity of the solar system. Just before the Jupiter flyby, it was ...
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Where are Pioneer 10, 11 and the Voyagers ultimately headed?

Pioneer 10, Pioneer 11, and the two Voyagers are all headed out of the solar system. Has anybody extrapolated where they will all end up (if at all)? Is there a graphic that depicts the direction of ...
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How well can Voyager 1 separate Earth signals from Solar noise these days?

This is a follow-up question to Can Voyager 1 receive signals from Earth? and this and this answer. UPDATED: see additional information and discussion below. As it continues to move farther from the ...
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Why is Voyager 1 faster than all other space probes?

From the Wikipedia article, List of artificial objects leaving the Solar System: Although other probes were launched first, Voyager 1 was able to achieve a higher speed and has overtaken all others. ...
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What if the Voyagers had remained within the plane of the ecliptic?

On their last big-planet flybys, both Voyager 1 and 2 were given substantial kicks out of the plane of the ecliptic. If this wasn't so, and their flyby's were adjusted to stay within the plane of the ...
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What is the first non-solar-system object Voyager 1 will run into?

I know that the farthest man-made object from Earth is Voyager 1, and was wondering if and when it will ever come relatively close to another star system, or some other object located outside the ...
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Could space probe Voyager 1 or 2 reach Alpha Centauri?

Is it possible for Voyager 1 or 2 to reach any other star? If yes, which one is it and how much time does it take to do that? And in which direction are they now, and could we still communicate with ...
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Did Corporal or other rockets launched from White Sands land in Mexico? If so, how often?

At 10:39 in the video Explorer One is the following: Pickering had once half-joked that JPL could do anything, but building the corporal proved a humbling ...
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