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Which LEO satellite lost over 30 km of altitude in the geomagnetic storm of 13-14 March 1989?

This answer includes the following information: During the great geomagnetic storm of 13-14 March 1989, tracking of thousands of space objects was lost and it took North American Defense Command (...
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Where can I find data for Atmospheric density vs. altitude?

I'm looking for information on atmospheric density in Earth orbit. All the atmospheric density tables and graphs I've found go no higher than 100 km. Definitions like the US Standard Atmosphere don't ...
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What is the ISS drag?

ISS constantly loses altitude to air drag and other forces (tidal, electromagnetic). While finding that rate in the sources isn't that hard, with orbital mechanics of altitude loss actually increasing ...
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What caused the ISS's sudden loss of altitude in January 2015?

This image from Heavens Above that @PearsonArtPhoto links to in this answer shows the orbital altitude of the International Space Station: In general, the ISS altitude decreases gradually with time ...
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How steady is the atmospheric drag force experienced by the ISS?

Suppose one wanted to modulate the power of a hypothetical, powerful ion thruster on the ISS to continuously compensate the atmospheric drag force in order to achieve near-perfect free-fall conditions ...
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How hard does atmospheric drag push on the ISS? Is it more than one pound?

A comment under this question has me thinking; with it's huge main structure and giant solar panels the ISS presents a very large cross-section to Earth's rarified atmosphere at 400 km altitude. So ...
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Orbit Guardians - bs, right?

California-based Orbit Guardians is one of a small number of startups trying to tackle orbital debris. It's difficult to tell exactly what their plan is, but based on this animation, they seem to ...
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What orbit would a space station need to stay in orbit for N years?

(posted before on physics stackexchange but was told to come here) I'm reading this book which has a post-apocalyptic setting. At one point you look at the earth from the view of a 1000-year-old ...
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Something doesn't add up when calculating thrust for Starlink satellites

Considering the answer of user Mark Adler here, to calculate how much ΔV is needed to raise orbit we can simply approximate it as the change in orbital velocity. Starlink satellites seem to be ...
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How to find the average ambient pressure during rocket ascent?

I am trying to find the average ambient pressure that my rocket will flight through during its ascent to then determine the most optimum conditions in my combustion chamber and nozzle. I have ...
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