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How were Perseverance's cables "cut" after touching down?

In the NASA conference today regarding Perseverance's successful landing on Mars, they talked about how you can see the cable that held the rover in this picture below (I circled the cable). I'm ...
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How does a simple construction keep a firing rocket on the ground?

Today I have seen this report of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket test firing. The force of a burning rocket is tremendous, and in the video we see an apparently simple construction keeping the rocket (or ...
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How does a landing spacecraft control main parachute inflation?

In a recent post from SpaceX about Crew Dragon parachute test you can see how the main parachutes are deployed in semi-folded state, after a while they inflate a bit and after another while they ...
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Reliability of explosive bolts and redundant initiators

Explosive bolts are often used for stage and payload separation. If only one of the many explosive bolts used fails to break into two pieces, the payload of the rocket may be lost. Are there more than ...
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Which explode in spaceflight more often, nuts or bolts?

The history of spaceflight is littered with exists because of exploded nuts and bolts (and upon further reflection, a whole lot of other items!) "Exploding bolts" is really a generic term. ...
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Parachute material used for the Venera probes to survive 500 °C

The Venera landers of the former Soviet Union were quite successful on the very hot surface of Venus. Which material was used for the parachutes to survive 500 °C? What about cotton wool? Yes this ...
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What are the benefits of using pyrotechnics on spacecraft?

NASA always appears to use pyrotechnic devices (NASA standard initiators for explosive bolts, frangible nuts, etc.) to release elements (spent stages, fairings, etc.) where SpaceX appears to be using ...
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Why is the Hayabusa2 capsule collection team in protective gear

Pictures posted on twitter ( and BBC ( show a couple of team members in what ...
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How did the Venera Probes manage to safely descend to the surface of Venus?

I have a two part question in reference to the answers provided for the linked question below: Why did the Venera missions land so close together? The answer stated: ”Not only did they land near local ...
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First instance of a frangible nut in space? Which space-nut was first successfully "franged"?

Wikipedia's Frangible nut begins: Not to be confused with Explosive bolt. The frangible nut is a component used in many industries, but most commonly by NASA[citation needed], to sever mechanical ...
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What is the difference between these various spacecraft pyrotechnics?

The following terms have been used in various Space Exploration StackExchange questions and answers. What are the differences (if any) between these various terms? detonating cord detonating fuse (...
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