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The JWST - What happens if/when it breaks?

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) project could be fantastic, It has the promise of seeing farther than Hubble, almost to the beginning of our space/time. But, orbiting at L2 - while closer by ...
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Is it possible to refuel the James Webb Space Telescope?

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) will be an incredible addition to the scientific community once it is launched and operational but the relative short planned mission time will make this a time ...
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What satellites did the Shuttle retrieve from orbit?

Hobbes wrote: The Shuttle was designed for things NASA rarely or never used: [...] The ability to retrieve satellites from orbit was used a few times, but not as often as envisioned. I wasn't ...
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What happens to JWST after it runs out of propellant?

JWST will be orbiting L2 which is unstable equilibrium thus will require propellant for station keeping. JWST will carry propellant for 5-10 years. What will happen once it runs out of propellant? ...
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Is Landsat-7's propellant resupply port "robot-ready"? (Restore-L mission)

update 2020-11-20: OSAM-1 (Formerly Restore-L) Continues to Make Progress, Fuel Tank Installed note: the recent 2019 news Northrop's satellite refueling spacecraft launches on October 9th which is ...
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Besides HST, JWST and stations, are there any examples of satellites designed for service in space?

update: I've just read these intriguing first sentence in the recently published (and paywalled) Aviation Weekly article No Second Chances On Webb Telescope Deployment: NASA has no plans to service ...
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RIP Kepler, how shall we call your orbit? Does this cyclic flip-flop process have a name?

So long, and thanks for all the Fish Planets The captions in the NASA Ames Research Center video What Will Happen to NASA’s Kepler Spacecraft? read as follows: NASA’s Kepler space telescope found ...
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Why Orion can't be used to service JWST?

Hubble Space Telescope is a marvel of astronomical tools - particularly judging by how much it moved the science. It took a lot of fixes along the way, which certainly prolonged its useful life. Its ...
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How would a repair of the JWST proceed if it were ordered regardless of the cost and technical hurdles, depending on when/how it fails? [closed]

I have heard people speaking about how, unlike Hubble, the James Webb Space Telescope is "one of a kind", "not designed to be repaired", "not serviceable", and the like, ...
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Why Was DARPA's Orbital Express Refueling Program Discontinued?

From 2006-2008 DARPA ran a program called Orbital Express(wikipedia link) which was "a safe and cost-effective approach to autonomously service satellites in orbit." The program had several goals: ...
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Satellite retrieval, fix and deploy possible remotely?

Is there any satellites that are designed to come back to Earth for repairs or upgrades and then be deployed again? Would there be any benefits to creating a capsule or inflatable heat shield to go on ...
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With an external airlock attached, could Commercial Crew Program spacecraft service Hubble?

Note just to clarify: is not about the requirements of the Commercial Crew Program, it is about the as-built capabilities of Crew Dragon and Starliner (hereafter referred to as CCPS, CCP (not that one)...
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