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Why is it easier to escape the solar system than get to Mercury or the Sun?

It has been mentioned several times on this site that it is "easier" (less delta-v, and hence less fuel) to reach the escape velocity of the solar system, than to reach the planet Mercury or ...
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Do you need 0 km/s velocity to crash into the sun?

I was reading a popular thread about the delta-v required to escape the solar system compared to the delta-v required to crash into the sun. I get it: the earth itself already has a high speed (29.7km/...
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Has any object launched from Earth gone into the Sun?

I've seen a lot of questions about the $\Delta V$ required to reach the Sun from the Earth (~22-30 km/s if I remember correctly), firing a bullet into the sun, etc. But has this ever happened? Has ...
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Calculating solar system escape and and sun-dive delta V from lower Earth orbit

According to Wikipedia, at the Earth/Moon distance from the sun, the escape velocity is 42.1 km/s. According to Wikipedia, the average orbital speed of Earth is 29.78 km/s. The difference is 42.1 km/s ...
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How much delta-v can we squeeze out of a gravitational slingshot and what factors limit it?

A lot of space probes use gravity assists from various space objects to boost their speed and save on propellant requirements. On what factors does the increase of delta-v depend? My guesses are: ...
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What is the delta-v required to get a mass in Earth orbit into the sun using a SINGLE transfer?

I've seen this several related questions to this, but they tend to focus on complex maneuvers to minimize the delta-V. If I wanted to mass-drive, railgun or tether-spin a mass so that it would ...
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Can you reach the Sun by only thrusting horizontally?

Suppose you have a hypothetical spacecraft launched from Earth. When it escapes from Earth's gravity it will still be orbiting the sun at roughly the same velocity as the earth, approximately 30km/...
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Is it theoretically possible to dispose of the larger pieces of space junk into the Sun?

Space junk is a real threat to working satellites in the Earth's orbit. Is it theoretically possible to make this space junk escape from the Earth's gravity (by giving them some kinetic energy to ...
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How would a Jupiter flyby have helped to get to the Sun? Why was it later ruled out?

The quote below surprised me. What were the orbital mechanical details of using a Jupiter flyby to get a probe from Earth so close to the Sun? Was a "U-turn" possible; single flyby of Jupiter into a ...
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Journey to the center of the Sun (best trajectory)

Let's assume there is unlimitedly rich eccentric person living nowadays, who has been just diagnosed with a kind of terminal cancer (estimates are 3 years left) and their last wish is to jump into a ...
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Is a ballistic Jovian capture using the Galilean moons possible from interplanetary entry?

While spacecraft like Galileo and Juno did use gravity assist to supplement their insertion burns, as answered here, is it possible to enter Jupiter's orbit without a capture burn?
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Time to fall into the Sun from Mars orbit

If a body starts to fall freely from Mars orbit towards the Sun, then how can we calculate the time to touch the Sun' surface? I have tried the third equation of motion that says R=(1/2 dg)*dt^2. ...
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What is the functional form for r(t) for a solar-sail deorbit into the Sun?

This answer describes a spacecraft in a heliocentric orbit using a solar sail to "deorbit" into the Sun by reflecting sunlight into roughly the prograde direction. In comments it was proposed that ...
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Could a trajectory from Earth really wrap around Jupiter and then head straight into the Sun? [duplicate]

Comments below How much less delta-v would it take to reach the Sun using Venus and Earth flyby's compared to direct? tend to suggest that one way to send a spacecraft into the Sun (either straight in ...
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How to calculate the max mass and speed of an asteroid capturable by gravity assist?

After reading this question and the answers, I am wondering about the limits of slingshot method to capture an asteroid into a planet orbit. Is it possible to calculate if an asteroid can be captured ...
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