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Has in-space refueling been done?

Before the Apollo program committed to the lunar orbit rendezvous mode, one of the Earth orbit rendezvous proposals involved launching two Saturn Vs, one with the Apollo spacecraft and large lunar ...
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Why will Starship's 150 ton payload capacity be sufficient to carry 100 people to other planets?

The ISS weighs 450 tons and carries 7 people for three months without resupply. Starship is supposed to carry 14 times as many people for more than twice the duration with one third the mass. How?
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Which star could Starship reach soonest?

We've been mocking Starship because it's not going to fly to another star, but according to this solar system delta v map it only takes 5.63 km/s from a Moon transfer orbit to Sun escape velocity. A ...
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Has on-orbit refueling ever been demonstrated with cryogenic fuels?

Looking at the question Has in-space refueling been done?, it looks like all fuel transfer operations in orbit have been done with room-temperature hypergolics. Has on-orbit transfer of cryogenic ...
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Could SpaceX's Starship's landing and restart process work on Titan?

Gravity on Saturn's moon Titan is much weaker and the atmosphere is far denser than either Earth's or Mars', which Starship seems to have been designed for. Could an unmanned Starship do an Earth-...
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What are the travel times associated with different low-thrust accelerations going to Mars?

It doesn't have to be an exact answer, but something close to reality would be nice. Specifically I want to know what the travel time to Mars would be using constant firing low-thrust engines. What ...
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With and without refilling at LEO, how much more than the landers weight of the Venera 9 mission could a Starship deliver near a pole of Venus?

Venera 9 was a Soviet space mission to Venus that consisted of an orbiter and lander with a launch mass of 4936 kg and with an entry mass of 1560 kg. It was the first spacecraft to return an image ...
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Which programs are used to calculate delta V and launch dates to get to other objects?

I have noticed that many people here have used different programs to calculate the launch dates and delta V to get to other planets. For example: https://...
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Starship surface heating on Mars landing

Mars atmosphere is much thiner than Earth's And then how much will Starship heat on a Mars landing comparing to a landing on Earth?
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How can systems of skyhooks help interplanetary travel

I recently watched a kurzgesagt video on skyhooks, and it mentions that a system of skyhook, one on Mars and one on Earth, can shorten a trip to Mars from 7-9 months to 3-5 months. I am confused on ...
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Travel To Mars - Fast [duplicate]

I wonder if it is possible to design a mission to Mars that would slingshot around the sun i.e., gravity assist. The Helios misions (which used gravity assist from Sun as I understand) have done this ...
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