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Space Flight Simulator [duplicate]

There are multiple simulator-games around (orbiter, lunar flight), but how accurate they are? Is there "more scientific" (not a game) simulator? Q: What is the most accurate and commercially ...
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Do any launches bypass LEO?

If sending a payload to GEO (geosynchronous orbit) or any other high orbit, you could start off launching to LEO (low Earth orbit), and then use a Hohmann transfer to raise the height of the orbit. I ...
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What software can be used to determine deep-space trajectories?

In What are the choices today for orbital mechanics simulation software?, an entire range of software was listed for many platforms. I'd like to narrow this down a bit. Specifically, two questions: ...
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What software is often used to plan, launch, and track orbits?

Various questions have been asked on this StackExchange about free versions of software that can do various things, such as simulations or tracking. Many of the answers point to free software ...
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Satellite Ephemeris File Formats

I'm looking for information on commonly used geocentric artificial satellite ephemeris file formats. I'm working on extending an analysis tool for earth orbiting satellites to add the ability to read ...
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Is there any open source software that can compute GPS ground coverage? I need a free alternative to AGI's System Tool Kit (STK)

Does any open source software exist that can compute GPS ground coverage in real time? At work I used STK which would do the job perfectly, but I'm at school now so I only have the free version. For ...
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Accuracy of ECI (J2000) to ECEF (WGS84) for a LEO satellite only accounting for Earth Rotation

I am working on developing a simple J2 orbit propagator for a project I am working on and am at the stages of converting from ECI to ECEF. Looking at this reference document in section 2.4, what ...
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A software for orbit propagation, considering Moon, Sun and zonal harmonics

I have to propagate the orbit of a satellite in 1 year, complying with the Sun, Moon and zonal harmonics effects. Is there preferably a free software, which could be used? I was suggested to use ...
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Do the proper ephemerides yet exist to calculate trajectories to Sedna?

While going through links mentioned in What software can be used to determine deep-space trajectories? and What are the choices today for orbital mechanics simulation software?, I find that a great ...
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Simulating a nanosatellite lunar flyby

I am trying to create a Lunar Flyby mission for small nanosatellites and I want to plot an orbit for it. The problem is that no website has proper information as to what variables, problems and ...
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Suggestion for software which allows orbit data generation under different conditions (such as J2, ATM drag etc)

I am an amateur astrophysics enthusiast trying to generate orbit data. What I want to achieve: I want to be able to generate orbits while only considering effects of (J2, J3, atm drag, solar ...