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Why is the file transfer speed of New Horizon so slow? [duplicate]

The transmitting speed of the New Horizon probe is $4$ kb/s. Thus, NASA states that it will take around 16 months to download all of the data that the probe gathered in its flyby. Why is this? P.S. ...
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Why are space probes / satellites data rates so low? [duplicate]

The New Horizon's data transfer rate is only about 2kbps right now. At its peak the rate was 38kbps. Why is this transfer rate so slow? Is this due to using radio waves, limitations in the data relay, ...
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What bitrates are currently achievable for communication with interplanetary space probes?

In communication with interplanetary space probes, it is clear that one has to take the delay caused by speed of light into account. Besides that, what are current limits for the data upload and ...
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Efficiency of communications between spacecraft and control center

In space vehicle control and fault recovery, how it works is that a big brother copy is on the ground and being fed with most recent data from spacecraft, the little brother. This ground one is an ...
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What is the highest practical data rate for a downlink from a spacecraft at a distance such as Pluto to Earth?

An answer to this question states that the expected downlink rate for New Horizons at Pluto encounter will be about 1,000 bits/sec. Understanding the issues of distant transmitters and data rates as ...
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Error detection and correction techniques on New Horizons data

As New Horizon's signal is so weak, probability exists of errors in detected signal. What error detection and correction codes are used in the signal? Is it known, what is the error rate in received ...
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How would you calculate the maximum bandwidth possible in space?

If you'd take Earth and Mars, and at both their closest and furthest position (ignore the Sun being nearly in-between for a moment), what would be the maximum amount of bandwidth possible between ...
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What is the modulation technique and what is the coding technique used to send information from the New Horizons spacecraft?

I would like to know what is the modulation technique used on the New Horizons Spacecraft? Is it BPSK or GMSK? Also what is the coding technique-turbo-codes or LDPC codes? And do you have a link ...
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How can the download speed increase from space probes?

It always seems to be a genuine question that is How can we download data from far away probes in instant. When New Horizons reached Ultima Thule, it took us quite a few months to have a great picture ...
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Turbo code used in New Horizons - encoding coefficient?

I know that New Horizons uses turbo code with r=1/6 for space communication1, however I don’t know which is the encoding coefficient, because I din’t think it could be 6, it seems it high. Could you ...
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