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Can/should you swim in zero G?

Inspired by Are there types of animals that can't make the trip to space? (physiologically) and related to but not a duplicate of Can you swim in space? Swimming on the Moon / in low gravity looks ...
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Tiny emergency propulsive device if stuck floating in a large volume in microgravity

The questions here in SXSE Can you swim in space? and in Physics SE How to escape the center of a room without gravity? [closed] both address aspects of how to move if stuck floating in the center of ...
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Can fish really live in microgravity without water?

Yes, you read that title correctly. I saw the claim in "Colonies in Space", hosted on the NSS site. In a weightless space farm, it may be possible to raise fish without water. On Earth, when a ...
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Is there an upper limit for the internal size of space stations?

I was reading about the various TransHab proposals (at, among others), and I started to think about pushing the idea to its limits. Assuming you had a ...
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When was there a dog in ISS's Kibo module?

The interesting question What living organisms adapt to 0 gravity? includes several GIF images. One if them is shown below, that of (apparently) a dog in a NASA suit floating around in the ISS's ...
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Can a human body change direction when floating in a space without gravity?

Suppose I am in the center of a hypothetical 4mx4m room and there is no gravity. I am wearing a spacesuit with no means of propulsion (e.g. venting, ejecting, etc..). Would I be able to reach "the ...
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Largest inhabitable volume in space

When you look at space ships, capsules and stations, one thing that is lacking in space is… space. As in: pressurized volume a human can freely move in. Most are tiny tin cans. So I was wondering, ...
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Why do we never see astronauts doing breaststroke or the "Man from Atlantis" swimming movements, say, and thus swimming in air in free fall?

Why do we never see astronauts and others swimming in air in free fall? The swimming strokes that work well under water on earth are the breast stroke and especially that "Man from Atlantis" ...
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Who are these people inside Apollo Command Module (presumably posing for advertisement photoshoot)?

In an attempt to find photos from any of Apollo missions that portray Sony TC-50 voice recorder/player that was used in these missions I came across the following picture: There is better quality of ...
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What is the difference between "body drag", "frictional drag" and "pressure drag" for astronaut or aerobot atmospheric locomotion in microgravity?

Complaints below my answer to Would a higher air pressure on the ISS or elsewhere make it easier to “swim” in microgravity? about my spherical-cow estimate of how fast an astronaut can accelerate by &...
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