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How slingshot is used to increase the speed of Juno [duplicate]

I have gone through the slingshot for the Juno with the earth. I have also seen the train and ball example as given by NASA. [] But, I am still ...
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Why didn't Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 crash on into Jupiter or Uranus when they approached near to these massive planets?

I was reading about gravity assist and I read that both the Voyagers used gravitational force of these planets to speed up. But I wanted to know why weren't they completely attracted by their ...
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Why did Voyager 2 receive a gravitational slowdown (as opposed to a slingshot) at Neptune?

I was actually answering this question today regarding velocities of spacecraft, and it occurred to me I've never really looked at this graph in much detail before: Heliocentric velocity of Voyager 2 ...
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Can Voyager 1 or 2, theoretically, return to earth if given instructions before their electronic instruments shut down in 2025?

According to the NASA Website, the Voyager probes will begin powering down electrical components soon with all electronic functions ceasing some time around 2025. With no ability to transmit back to ...
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How are gravity assists conceived?

So there are some very complex gravity assists out there. The Cassini mission, for instance, used a VVEJ (Venus Venus Earth Jupiter) gravity assist to make it to Saturn. Similar flybys have been done ...
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Could Starman get ejected from the Solar System?

This is not about a prediction of Starman's fate, although it might be interesting to find it so. This is about any object having similar aphelion and perihelion values to Starman (Elon Musk's Tesla ...
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What near flyby wouldn't modify the speed of the vessel, just direction?

Thanks to answers to my question about gravity assists, I now pretty much understand how they work on the ecliptic, or near such. For that plane, the "null net speed change" path goes on a crash ...
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Does Chandrayaan 2 use gravity assist?

All of the descriptions I've seen online describing Chandrayaan-2's path to the Moon either explicitly or implicitly describe it involving a "gravity assist": The spacecraft will make use of the ...
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Limitations of gravitational assist flybys

My understanding is that it's easier to send something out of the solar system than into the sun due to the need to overcome the speed at which the earth moves around the sun. My understanding of ...
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Can the sun/Venus be used to slingshot back out into the outer solar system fast? [duplicate]

I'm not a physicist or rocket man, but I laid awake thinking about this all night and I just wanted expert corrections to help with my basic understanding. So... 483,000 miles per hour is how fast our ...
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