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For creating spatial graphical models of objects and spacecraft, usually with software

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Visualization tool for Space Rendezvous and docking [closed]

How to make the 3D visualization the space rendezvous and docking missions once I have the data log of the operation from mathematical simulation. I found some potential tools such as SPICE and Free ...
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How to calculate catalyst bed geometry (length/radius) for a monopropellant thruster?

Catalyst design is central to the development of monopropellant thrusters and hence, ignoring its importance, as I have realised, is not very good practice. My question is if the mass flow rate, bed ...
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How to obtain 3d data from MER Spirit "Planetary Data System" products/files?

TL;DR Given products available in this page, how can I get a 3d model, or at least a point cloud, or as a last chance just a suitable depth map for depth map viewer, for this image? What I tried I ...
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Alfonso Gonzalezs Orbital mechanics simulation

I basically copied all the code on Orbital Mechanics Series of Alfonso Gonzalez (because I really don't have any experience with coding, but would like to in the future) on Youtube (for a school ...
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Saturn V's external blueprints

I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask but I don't know where to ask. I want to get a high quality orthographic blueprints of NASA's Saturn V rocket with dimensions and everything (I need it ...
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CesiumJS: Hayabusa 2 location w.r.t Earth

Given these coordinates w.r.t Sun: Hayabusa: x = 86014493 y = 112689997 z = 54295960 Earth: x = 82241037 y = 112748971 z = 48876281 How do I calculate Hayabusa coordinates w.r.t Earth center? I ...
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3D Model of radiation in earth orbit?

I am trying to estimate required shielding masses to maintain a radiation level at or below earths average radiation of 3 mSv per year at different earth orbits (LEO, MEO, GEO and 50000 km+). ...
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3D modelling of satellites around the earth

I want to find and see "GPS satellites in view" for different orbits missions. For example I want to see the observable GPS satellites for a specific satellite in GEO, for this purpose I need a ...
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Is radiation dose from cosmic rays higher behind 50 cm of shielding, or lower?

I have seen it said that because high-energy GCR particles cause a spray of secondary particles when they pass through material, there is more radiation behind even quite thick shielding that there is ...
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3D modeling software for zero gravity

I think that many 3D modeling software packages like Blender and Rhino-3D assume the presence of gravity acting downwards. What would a person use to model a structure in microgravity (more ...
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