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A material used in high heat flux locations (e.g., atmospheric entry, rocket nozzles) that ablates and carries away the heat/energy of the flow protecting the structures behind it.

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Could ablative material sublimation slow down a spacecraft?

Thought experiment illustrated below: Suppose a weird spacecraft entering Earth's atmosphere from low Earth orbit, payload first. Behind it there is an inverted nozzle shaped structure, attached with ...
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Has there ever been an attempt or serious consideration for spacecraft to land on Mars without an ablative-type heat shield?

My answer to Do exploration spacecraft enter Mars atmosphere against Mars rotation, or on the same direction? lauds the use of ablative heat shields for minimizing radiative heating of a spacecraft by ...
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What happens to ablative nozzles after a test fire?

For example RS-68 engine If you make a test fire of an ablative nozzle engine then the fire will consume the coating of that nozzle. That means you have to replace the coating or the entire nozzle. ...
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