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Questions tagged [acceleration]

Questions regarding acceleration - the rate and/or direction by which an object's speed or velocity vector changes with respect to time.

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How fast can a rocket with constant thrust but changing mass travel a linear distance with limited delta V?

Background I am developing a game / simulation that has spacecraft with advanced albeit at least not physically impossible drives travelling in the solar system. As operation time should be far more ...
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Lagrange coefficients orbit acceleration

I have an initial position, velocity and acceleration (in x,y,z coordinates) for a certain orbit, and I need to compute the next position, velocity and acceleration after a certain time interval (I ...
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How to calculate the maximum heliocentric speed during a flyby?

The following graphs are related to the Voyager 2 / Jupiter flyby occurred on July 1979 (I did the calculation with the SPICE library and NAIF’s data files). We see that the maximum speed relative to ...
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What forces and motion would astronauts experience in a spacecraft in Earth-Moon L1 & L2 Lissajous orbit?

What is the maximum velocity they would experience? Would they be aware of the movement based on the positions of the Earth, Moon, or stars, or would it be too slow to notice? Would they feel any G ...
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Use local acceleration and angular velocity to calculate rotation matrix

Can I ask if there are any python packages that can fuse local acceleration and angular velocity and get rotation matrix? Thank you!
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Is there any major difference between acceleration of solid propelled and liquid propelled rockets during launch

Few days ago, ISRO launched its PSLV-C53, which had solid first stage. (Clip here) Also, the SpaceX's starlink launched on 24th July, 2022, having liquid first stage. (Clip here) Is there any major ...
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Apply forces such that a satellite reaches a given point in space

I'd like to find out a strategy for solving the following simplified problem. A small spherical craft at $t=0$ has a position and velocity vectors $\mathbf{x_0}, \mathbf{v_0}$ in a zero gravity ...
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How long will it take me to get to Mars?

I am a spaceship travelling from Jupiter under constant acceleration of 1g (9.8meters/sec2) provided by fusion drive to Mars. I departed at exactly the same time as an identical ship, travelling the ...
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Which nD accelerometer symmetric configurations on a cubical LEO spacecraft can serve as a makeshift 3D gyro resolving tumbling from tidal forces?

As they often do @DavidHammen's comment has got me thinking about the following question, which is a mathematical exercise rather than a realistic scenario. On a hypothetical large cubical spacecraft ...
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Supersonic flow of non-compressible fluids

Will the non-compressible fluids, travelling at Mach 1, at the throat of a CD nozzle, accelerate after they leave the throat?
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