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Why not use alternative/low-pressure atmospheres in fairings during launch?

For example: using a reduced pressure helium atmosphere. Most fairings are already cleanroom environments. Benefits I can see: Eliminate need for acoustic tiles as low pressure and/or light gasses (...
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Which was louder, SRBs or SSMEs?

The space shuttle's SRBs each produced ~2x the thrust of the three main engines. Which source produced the majority of the sound volume at liftoff?
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Why is the water pumped out of the holding tank a minute before Falcon 9 liftoff?

SpaceX Falcon 9 - starlink mission on October 5. Video : Why is the water discharged at T- 01m:30s from the holding tank far away from the launch pad? This was also ...
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Why don't we use sound suppression system when rocket lands propulsively?

We know that the sound suppression system (water deluge system) is used to protect the launch vehicle from the acoustic energy produced by the engines. For most of the expendable launch vehicles, it ...
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Launch pads flame deflectors

I was interested in knowing if all launch pads possess a flame deflector. I'm inclined to say yes, as the structure seems vital for a safe launch. Wanted to make sure, though, if there could be a case ...
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What's the geometry of Ignition Overpressure Protection system protecting rocket launches?

During a rocket launch, both the rocket as well as the launch pad have to be protected. This is usually done by shooting enormous amounts of water somewhere 'at' the rocket engines. The then ...
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What happens to the acoustic energy removed by a sound suppression system?

I was just watching this video of a launchpad sound suppression system, and realized if it removes acoustic energy from the air, the energy has to go somewhere. Does the water heat up? Will any of it ...
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How does a water based acoustic suppression system work?

Now a days every rocket launch (except Russian or cliff hanging launch) happens using water acoustic suppression system. How does the water based acoustic suppression works? What is the water ...
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