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Questions tagged [active-support]

Use when referring to infrastructure for a space economy that uses at least one active component to support at least one geostationary component. Examples include, but are not limited to, Space Fountains, Orbital Ring Systems, Partial Orbital Ring Systems, Launch Loops, Space Cables, and Tethered Rings.

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5 votes
2 answers

Using Orbital Rings to Achieve High Escape Velocity

Hoping an astrophysics-calculation-competent person could help confirm this scenario: Say civilization has established an orbital ring around the Earth with an external launch track (using super-...
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1 vote
2 answers

What happened to the Atlantis Project?

I recently saw Isaac Arthur video part of the upward bound serious about tether rings. There he mentioned a project known as the Atlantis project which is trying to get a tethered ring built in real ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Questions about orbital ring math from Birch 1982 paper

I have been reading the original Paul Birch paper published in JBIS 1982. I have been using this copy found here. In particular I am wondering about generalizing the ideas, like for a different planet ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Space Mega-structure Feasability

I was reading a lot about the hypothetical orbital mega-structures that could potentially exist in the future if technology and manpower advances enough. A few of the more notable ones are the ...
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2 votes
5 answers

Space elevator: Is there some way you could make one to a low earth orbit?

All the current proposals for a space elevator seem to be for one to the GSO.However is there some proposal for a space elevator to a low earth orbit? I know that it would require continuous power to ...
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13 votes
1 answer

What are the most promising non chemical rocket space launch approaches?

I read this essay by Neal Stephenson recently, which makes the case that, had we not been locked-into chemical rocket technology through years of investments, other approaches might have been more ...
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