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Questions tagged [airlock]

Questions about airlocks, used to exit a space craft, without venting all the interior atmosphere.

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How many kg of air escape from the Quest airlock during one EVA?

Do they have a system that pumps the air out or does it just let it out?
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Bishop airlock: explanation of the name?

Nanoracks' new Bishop Airlock will soon be installed on Node 3 and will provide some cool operational capabilities. But, I don't get the name. This Verge article says ...
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What happens if the inner door of a depressurised airlock fails?

What are the consequences of the INNER door of a spaceship airlock system suddenly failing (for whatever reason) when the airlock itself is depressurised? (The ship itself is in space/vacuum and not ...
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What would happen if you jumped out of a moving spacecraft?

I've watched a film where one of the characters claimed to have rapidly disembarked a moving spacecraft during a 5g burn (?!) and immediately wondered how he survived. For example, you're on a ...
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ISS: Airlocks between pressurized modules?

The ISS has several airlocks. I was curious about whether interconnected pressurized modules (like Kibo and Harmony) had any airlocks between them in whatsoever. There are two reasons why I think ...
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Is it possible to create an overridable inflatable airlock seal?

If the information I obtained is correct, inflatable airlocks are sealed by the air pressure and cannot be unlocked unless the pressure is lowered(correct me if I'm wrong). Additionally, airlocks ...
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3 answers

Was the ship decompression scene in the movie Aliens realistic?

I was directed here from Sci-Fi SE to pose this question. Towards the end of the Aliens (1986) movie, Ripley is forced to override the clearly marked "outer door" control having already ...
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Door to vacuum on the ISS

Provided I had superhuman strength and the ability to open a door even with one atmosphere working against me, are there any singular doors or windows on the ISS which I could open directly to vacuum? ...
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How would you eject an object from an airlock for maximum velocity? [closed]

If a space explorer needed to eject an inert object from a cylindrical airlock that was roughly barrel shaped (length >> diameter) at maximum velocity, would they be better suited to position the ...
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How Is The Quest Joint Airlock Operated?

I have searched and searched and cant seem to find any media whatsoever that explains or outlines exactly how the airlock is operated. What exactly is the process you go through to open it, do you ...
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What is the efficiency of current airlock designs

I know that current airlocks in space cannot be 100% efficient. There must be some loss in atmosphere or in the very least a certain amount of power consumption. Can someone find statistics that ...
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Energy needed to open/close entry points in a rocket

In general, how often are air locks opened on a rocket? How much energy is needed to open and close the entry point?
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4 votes
2 answers

What is the fastest time for donning a space suit?

We have the question Time to prepare for EVA out of ISS that has a good and complete answer about the hours to days long process to prepare for an EVA from the ISS. My question is just about getting ...
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What is the mass of the Cabin Air Rack of the Quest Joint Airlock?

And where should I have looked for this information? The mass of the avionics rack would also be nice.
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Is the inner airlock hatch kept open in-between spacewalks on the ISS?

Clarification: I'm talking about the INNER airlock door. Keeping the airlock closed in-between spacewalks sounds safer: In case of accidental puncture of the outside of the module, this has no ...
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Are there any locked Airlocks in space? [duplicate]

An air lock in a space craft is a door used to move between the sealed environment of a space craft to the vacuum of space (or other craft) with minimal impact to the sealed environment. I always ...
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6 votes
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Could a Ferroliquid airlock work?

After looking at the previous question on liquid airlocks, I noted that the main problem with technology is that the force of gravity is far too weak on any body that an airlock would be a useful ...
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6 answers

Could liquid airlocks work?

I was looking through an old copy of Moon Miner's Manifesto a while ago and found the concept of a liquid airlock in an early issue. It is on page 32 of this issue from 1988. It posits this as an ...
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How was the airlock for the ISS' minisat launchers installed?

I assume that the crew in ISS can manipulate the minisats manually before they are launched, so they must be launched through some kind of airlock. Was this airlock designed for this purpose, or do ...
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4 votes
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Could suitports on Orion/Dragon2/CST-100 make multiple EVA's available?

Suitports seem like a brilliant idea that saves lots of mass and complexity compared to an airlock, which traditionally is a dumb pressurizable gas wasting tube where the astronaut suits up. The first ...
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Do we have the technology to make large rotating airlocks?

I recently answered a question on Worldbuilding about space stations. In my answer, I proposed a toroidal station which would be composed up many small segments, each rotating. As was pointed out, ...
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What do the astronauts do whilst the air-lock cycles?

This answer seems to indicate the air-lock pressurization/de-pressurization is a drawn out process. Pressurisation is said to consume 45minutes (somewhat less in case of an emergency). ...
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How many airlocks does the ISS have?

In this context, I mean, a way to get out of the station, without depressurizing the entire station. The obvious ones are: Quest airlock on Unity (Node 1). Pirs (DC-1) airlock Does Poisk (DC-2? Or ...
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Is there no physical security in space, other than being in space?

I saw Gravity the other day and while visually and emotionally compelling, and besides the liberties taken with orbits, something else struck me as unrealistic, but I'm not sure if it is or isn't:...
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