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A triple-star system and the closest stellar neighbor to our solar system

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How is delta-v calculated for an interstellar journey?

Just recently I have been learning about orbital mechanics and I came across the following article:
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Is there any limit to how many times you can increase velocity by repeated sling shot manoeuvres?

I believe travelling to Alpha Centauri at ~10 km/s would take of the order of 100 000 years (10 km/s is the order of speed of probes currently leaving the solar system). That seems 1. rather a long ...
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Small probes to Alpha Centauri powered by light sails with a journey time of 20 years

This news item states that scientists have potentially devised a way to send a number of small probes to Alpha Centauri at quarter the speed of light. The journey would take 20 years and each small ...
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How long could it take us to reach Alpha Centauri with current technology?

I was searching somewhere on how far away the nearest star system was and what that system was. Am I correct in that it is Alpha Centauri at roughly 4.75ish lightyears? If so, a probe or ship or ...
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Can light sails be stopped (after 20 years)? What will happen after the 20 years (after their journey)?

At that time will they be destroyed? Or can they come back? Or will we simply cut the laser power? And if we can make the size of the craft big enough so that a person can be on-board (without ...
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How close humans are for interstellar travel? [duplicate]

I have heard many times about interstellar travels. Are centrifuge space craft (artificial gravity) and warp drives technologies being built or still it is just concepts ? Nearest start system is ...
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Has Alpha Centauri been a subject for SETI activities?

There is a claim that habitable-zone orbits are stable around both components of the Alpha Centauri binary, and at least one planet has been detected (though not in the habitable zone). Both stars ...
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